Smart Box

Smart Box Book DistributionA Smart Box is a box which is “smart.” It knows exactly what cure the materially diseased people need in this age of Kali. It therefore distributes the most potent medicine – Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental books – to whoever is interested in taking it.

The Smart Box Project is an initiative taken to increase book distribution, sponsored by Friends of the BBT ( under the guidance of Vaisesika Dasa, ISKCON North America's National Sankirtan Strategist ably assisted by Sri Venkatesh Chembrolu of ISKCON Silicon Valley.

The project has now completed a pilot phase with the help of ISKCON Silicon Valley Sankirtan Team (Team ISV) through which 50 Smart Boxes have been placed in the field. The results have been encouraging during this trial period with the boxes averaging from 5 to 20 books per week.

This document outlines the steps to implement Smart Boxes by individuals, congregational teams, and ISKCON centers.


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