Sastra Dana in Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Dear devotees, Hare Krishna!

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Here are some Sastra Dana activities from Split area. On 4th and 5th of this month devotees organized in city a seminar on Ayurveda with 86 participants attending. Seminar was delivered by Srutisagara Prabhu from Zagreb. Among ayurvedic topics he also preached Bhagavata philosophy and made people attracted to Vedic style of life.

Many people who came on the seminar were mostly karmis (mainly the professors, doctors, lawyers and others from upper class of society) and among them many knew that this seminar was organized by Hare Krishna people. Those who didn't knew, found it out later…

Devotees also had a stand with devotional paraphernalia and mucis which was equally interesting to the participants as the other Ayurvedic items.

Last day at the end of the seminar, when we announced that those who are interested in original Vedic scriptures and philosophy can get them on the stand, the rush started. Bhakta Mario never distributed so many books in just a one hour … 206 books. He was virtually intoxicated with bliss. And not only he…

It is also important to note how now our Sunday Feast has some new people who came from that seminar. Amasing how that worked out. They came on the seminar, got some insight in Vedic knowledge and tradition, received Srila Prabhupada's transcendental books and wanted to know little more. Thus they came on Sunday feast where they find out a new world….

Oh yes, the last day, there was a wedding in that hotel where we had the seminar and many people were walking around and looking at our beautiful posters with Lord Dhanvantari on it (bhakta Andrija ki Jaya!).

One 23-year boy, all in suit and tie, came very humly and asked about the display of the hotel, just to make some sort of contact. One devotee handed him a tasty prasadam juice and invited him inside. There he met a fired-up bhakta Mario who preached to him a "little". The boy was saying: "I knew it was a Hare Krishna! I knew it!" He walked away with five books in his hands to continue with marriage ceremony.

Even the bride and the bridegroom with their godfathers came to see what is going on up there. Sweet apple samosas always taste so irresistably good…many swore on that.

We even saw on that seminar a two or three devotees who somehow stoped to regularly associate with devotee community and there they renewed their spiritual inclinations. Once Hare Krishna, always Hare Krishna. Many nice things happened on that seminar. Thanks to those who have helped. Sastra Dana ki Jaya!

Your Servant,

Mahajvala Dasa

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