Rare souls

Recently, as I described the Bhagavad-gita to a young Muslim man at the NYC
Harinam book table, he said that he had just been listening to a lecture,
advising that one acquire spiritual knowledge; now I was showing him the

As I talked, he pointed out things in common with his Islamic tradition.
When I showed him the contents of Science of Self-Realization, he noticed
the article entitled “The Human Form of Life is Meant for God Realization.”
He enthusiastically agreee with it. I explained that this is a common theme
in all these books.

Seeing he was serious, I told him we had a special deal: four books (Bg.,
SSR, NOI, Iso.) for $10, and he immediately gave me $10. I gave him my
personal calling card, inviting him to contact me with questions or for more
books. I said, “Spiritually inquisitive people are very rare.” He responded,
“I am realizing that more and more.”

Krishna Kripa Dasa

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