Provided with some ideas by Krsna

SB Set

During our August sankirtan festival in Durban, I was as sick as a dog, but still wanted to take part. I organized my team, and they went were on their way.

Unfortunately I couldn't join them. That week, I was admitted to a hospital for bronchial pneumonia and other complications while contemplating how to distribute books in that unfortunate condition, I was provided with some ideas by Krsna. I went on my phone and asked a few friends whether they were interested in purchasing books.

Lo and behold, I was most surprised, as I distributed a Srimad Bhagavatam set from my sick bed. My realization now is that nothing can check Lord Caitanya's great sankirtana yajna or the brhad-mrdanga.

Your servant,
Ranga-devi Dasi

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