Prabhupad Books Already have a Potential Buyer.

Prabhupad Books Already have a Potential Buyer.”

Prabhupad One day while coming from office in the evening my car tyre got punctured. I could not change the tyre by myself due to my leg injury. I sought help from people nearby. I could sense that the area was dense with Muslim community. It was a Friday and after namaz countless Muslims rushed out of the nearby mosque. I was bit afraid to ask for a help.

I waited but no one came forward. I then humbly approached two young Muslims and requested to help me. They agreed. They took out the spare tyre from dickey and replaced the punctured tyre. I then offered them Rs 100 as a token of gratitude. However they refused and to my amazement one of them asked for a book that was kept in my dickey instead. There were many Bhagavad Gita kept in my dickey which they might have seen while changing the tyre. I gave them a Bhagavad Gita in Marathi but they refused it and asked for a copy in Hindi.

then I searched entire dickey but could not find a single copy in Hindi. But them finally I found one copy in Hindi in front dickey. I offered it and they accepted it happily. From this I learnt that " just like Dane Dane pe likha he khane wala ka Naam, har ek Gita pe likha he lene wale ka Naam". “Just like there is a person for every grain of sound, similarly so with prabhupad books, it has already a potential buyer.”

Balswarup prabhu, Kharghar

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