Power of Srila Prabhupada Books

We had put up a Stall on main road near chembur station. Just then in front of us, we saw a man crossing the road got hit by a car. The car however speed away. I went over and helped that man to get up. Luckily for him the hit wasn’t too bad. But he was in a state of shock. So I got him to the place where he had put up our book stall and offered him our chair to sit on. I gave him some water to drink. He took some time to come out of that shock but then he started saying that

"how this world is such a bad place. No one cares for others. It’s really miserable. Taking the opportunity,"

I told him "that whetever he was saying is true"

and that the books next to him on table spoke about it and also gave insights and lessons of how to lead one’s life in proper spirit. The man got up and then browsed through the table. The beautiful books caught his attention. He picked up the Bhagavad Gita, then the Krishna, then the Other books. In the end he happily bought each and every book on the table, paid for it, immensely thanked us and left.

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