Positive way to start the New Year

Wanting nothing to do with commercialized holidays and bars and superficial family, Faith (her name) decides to come check out something different (the Indian plaza) and runs into me. She points to the Gita on my book table and says, “I have that book next to me on my night table, and I read it every night.”

Since she already had a Gita, I showed her the Bhagavatam set. She was super eager to take it home and start reading it. With teary eyes, she thanked me: “You are helping me end my old ways and also helping me to begin something positive for the New Year.”

She donated plasma to get money for the holidays, but after meeting me and receiving the Bhagavatam set and many other of Prabhupad’s books, she was so moved that she donate her plasma money for the books.

She promised to visit our ashram for kirtan and readings.

Your servant,
Shastra Krit Dasa

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