One who knows

We were going to Kumbha Mela on rikshas and trying to reach ISKCON's tents. Our riksha driver thought that many of the tents were the ISKCON tents, so he was driving us all around. It was already after midnight but we could not find the ISKCON tents. Since we were tired and sleepy, we stopped by some tent in which the people there allowed us to stay overnight.

The party was about to begin. A few hours later, I was awakened by a strange smell. These people didn't follow the principles. They were smoking some intoxicant. Although influenced by the drug and fatigue, I somehow managed to wake up the devotees, and very soon we left the tent. It was only due to Krsna's mercy that we managed to find the ISKCON devotees amongst millions of “sadhus.” Actually, when we got there in the morning, they were all gone on harinam and sankirtan.

The thought of distributing books on that day caused an eruption of protests like: "You slept only few hours. You did not even have a bath or chant, while the power of the drug is still working." Still, the distribution of books is free from the influence of the material world, and when Krsna wants to give His mercy, He gives it.

I asked the devotees to give me the books, and after a long discussion, they agreed. I somehow managed to talk my mind into taking one hundred small books. The distribution of them went on easily by the mercy of Krsna. I was walking from sadhu to sadhu and saying "Hare Krsna" while they were taking books and giving donations. That day was also special owing to the fact that I wanted to have a bath in Ganga before the sunset. It is an offense to bath in Ganga after the sunset. During sankirtana I met a very interesting sadhu who looked like Jesus Christ. He was mute, but still he knew all the Bhagavad-gita by heart! I realized this by observing the movement of his lips: I would start citing a verse and he would simply continue. He also helped me with the distribution. He would contact people by mime, and they were coming and taking the books!

The day was coming to end, but I still had ten books in my hand. I decided to walk toward Ganga and try to distribute. Every so often I observed the sun, then the books. I still had ten minutes, so I prayed more intensely: Krsna help me, Krsna help me – there are just a few minutes left, and I still have books in my hands." I hurried towards the Ganga. I had three books left, then two. In one moment more, I was five meters from the Ganga, and the sun was about to set, but I still had one book in my hand! The situation became very tense since I wanted so much to bathe in the sacred Ganges at the right time. At once, two Indian sadhus appeared, and I gave them the last book. They were excited. They gave me a donation, and one of them unexpectedly held out his hand. I was confused. People don't shake hands in India. I had just one minute left, but I held out my hand too, and to my surprise he said in Croatian (my language): "Congratulations!"

Completely confused and ecstatic, I ran into the Ganga and immediately came out. The sun was setting, and the mercy of Krsna was falling on my head. The sadhu's words resounded in my head: "Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!" There was no way he knew where I was from or what I was doing, but surely there is ONE WHO KNOWS!

Sankirtana, ki jaya!
Srila Prabhupada, ki jay!
Mother Ganga, ki jay!

Your servant,
Nitaidaya Dasa

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