Nothing is too Little


Bhakta Rick from Holland is currently in Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir, Chowpatty in India. He daily goes for Book Distribution and is very enthusiastic even on bad days. His secret: A story he recalls from his home town.

Bhakta Rick: Once a book distributor from Amsterdam came to my home town for book distribution. He had a bad day. He could distribute only two books in the whole day. He was very frustrated. "I have never done so bad. I think I am in maya. This is the worst score I ever had." He was so morose. But when he went back to his temple in Amsterdam, he got the shock of his life. One man to whom he had distributed a book to that day was sitting in the temple.

"It never happened with me," the devotee latter told Bhakta Rick. "I have distributed books to so many people, but I never see them again. This is the first time I am seeing a person, who took book from me and came to the temple. It is amazing mercy of the Lord." Not only this, the next time the book distributor went to the temple, he found that the man had joined the temple! This shows that no score is a small score. We may do just one or two books, but if they reach the right person, they have the power to bring a complete heart transformation.

This story keeps me going. I know even if I have a bad day with a small score, you don't know, some person's life might be changing.


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Murari Gupta Das

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