Nice Sankirtan experiences in Dallas Texas

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Last week I gave a Bhagavad Gita to Andy, a man wearing a Greatful Dead
T-shirt. I told him that the Greatful Dead played with Srila Prabhupada in
San Francisco. He scraped up a couple of dollars in change and promised to
give me more later. Today at Whole Foods I was getting rung up for a pile of
organic ginger, spinach, the most expensive butter, and an eleven dollar
gallon of Kalona whole milk. Then Andy comes up and tells the checkout guy
to let me have it all at no charge. It turns out that Andy is the assistant
manager of Whole Foods in Allen. He said “I told you that I would take care
of you. I have been reading the book and learning some of the stanzas.

Also, I came across Javier who’d bought a Bhagavad Gita from me the first
time and a Beyond Birth and Death a week later. Today we met for the third
time. He asked if I had the one about karma. So he bought a third one:
Karma la Justicia Infalible.

–ys, Mishra Bhagavan Dasa

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