Magical day at the airport

During the Prabhupada Marathon in 2021, I was sitting in an airplane on my way to Ålesund, a city on the west coast of Norway. The books I needed for distribution had already been sent to the city by post, so I just brought some extra books that fit in my hand luggage. I had not been flying since the pandemic started.

As we were flying the pilot suddenly announced that there were some technical problems and the plane had to return to the airport. It was the first time I had been in a small airplane like this, and I was a little nervous, but the landing went well. At the airport the staff gave us a new ticket for a flight going a little later that day. We all also got some money to buy food at the airport. As I was waiting for the new flight, I decided to distribute some of the books I brought with me (45 books). With a mask on and books in my hand I approached all kinds of people.

Wearing the face mask, I felt undercover, and no guards took any notice of me. Everyone was very receptive. So many people were happy to meet me and gladly took some books with them. I also got some contact information from the most interested ones. As the time came to board my plane, I still had 15 books left. I put them in my hand luggage and went to the gate, but when I came to the gate, it was already closed. I had mixed up the boarding time with the take-off time! I thought I came at the boarding time, but it was
actually the take-off time, so I was not allowed to enter the plane.

After I explained my situation and how I was sorry for being late, the flight attendant lady took pity on me and decided to give me again a new ticket for an even later plane and more food money also. Again I had to wait for my airplane. Again I bought nuts and juices with my airport money. The last 15 books were still there in my hand luggage, so I decided to distribute them also, with great success. People were grateful and new contacts were taken. I was blissful and felt I had a productive day. I was just marveling at the turn of events. on this day. It seemed so well orchestrated for the distribution of the books I had brought with me.

Param vijayate sankirtanam!

Your servant,
Mahabhavi Dasa

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