Krsna’s Mystical Hand at Work

Krsna's Mystical Hand at Work

Yesterday morning, a young couple visited the temple up on the hill here in Kalamunda, in Perth, Australia. I talked to them and showed them the Gita. I mentioned that the book explains all aspects of life, not least the types of food that are best to eat. I opened the book to find the reference, and by Krsna's mercy the verses were right there on the first page we turned to. We discussed for a while the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

The young man's name was Mitra. I closed the book and then at a later point in our discussion opened it again. I was amazed that this time the page directly opened to Text 6.9, wherein Krsna uses the word mitra to refer to an affectionate benefactor.

With these mystical happenings taking place right before him, Mitra decided it would be a good idea to take the book home.

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