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Houston Texas

I would like to share a small incident that happened to me while I was doing the smart box service in Houston Texas. After that you can read the world book distribution results for March,

I went to one store where the store owner had some of the books in the smart box in Spanish. When I was collecting the laxmi from the box and refilling the books, the store owner told me that he would like me to refill the smart box with English books rather than Spanish, as he did not sell any Spanish books. I gladly agreed and refilled the box with English books and took back all the Spanish books with me. But in my mind I was thinking all along how will I be able to distribute all these Spanish books that I have.

Anyways, I went to another location (Restaurant) where I have a smart box and was refilling the books and collecting the Laxmi. The lady at the checkout counter looked at what I was doing and started talking to me about yoga. She later asked me if I have any yoga book in Spanish as she cannot speak or read English very well. I said yes and gave her "Perfection of Yoga" in Spanish. She said she would like to have more Spanish books because she would like to give them to her friends. I went to my car and came back with all the Spanish books that I had collected from the last store. She took all of the Spanish books and also gave me the laxmi right there.

I was amazed and was thinking how the Lord is always helping us with His invisible hand when we are doing any service.

Srila Prabhupada ki jai!! Hare krishna!!

Your Servent,


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