Krsna, they say You Distribute the Books

Lord Krishna

*Sankirtan, Bosnia, during war time, 1994.*

I had been trying to distribute a book for a whole day. I was exhausted, fried and lacking inspiration. I didn't know what to do. People were closing their doors in my face, throwing me out of their firms, shops… what a nice opportunity for purification!

By Krsna's mercy I somehow remembered a sankirtan instruction: "Krsna distributes the books!"

So I thought, completely fried: "Krsna, they say that you distribute books. I can’t distribute them, You please distribute them!"

Feeling a bit angry on myself for not being a good instrument, I noticed a kiosk. It was partially destroyed by a bomb but it was wartime so grenades weren't a surprise. I lined all my books on the kiosk and sat on a bench, right across it.

I wasn't sitting more then few minutes when someone called me: "Fellow, these are your books?"

I hardly pronounced: "Yes."

He continued asking: "How much is this one? And that one?"

He bought so many books and I didn’t even approach him.

They say that Krsna distributes books and this was a proof for it.

Your Servant,
Nitai-daya das

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