Brisbane, Australia

I was distributing in Brisbane, Australia. I pulled over an alternative looking couple and gave them my spiel. They liked my sense of humor but said that they were Christians so they weren't interested. I showed them the Chapter on Christ and just asked for a donation and somehow or other they were inspired and they just threw in ten bucks. I was going to tell them more but they said that they were in a hurry for a doctor appointment for their unborn child. I asked them if it was a boy or a girl and whether they had picked out a name yet. They said that it was a boy. When they told me his name I was shocked. They said that his name wai Jai. J-a-i. I told them that in the original language of the book Jai means all glories or victory. That really inspired them. They definitely left with a favorable impression. Hopefully Jai will read that book when he's old enough. Jai Sri Krishna Sankirtana. P.S. Just because it's January doesn't mean that Sankirtana isn't as good as December.

Your Servant,

Devaki Nandana Dasa

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