Introducing the “Gaura Tattva” set!

Mahotsaha Prabhu recalls:

Really nice gentleman named TM from Long Island. He told me his name stands for Total Mystery! He received some of our books throughout the years like the “Science of self realization”, “Bhagavad Gita as it is” and the “Srimad Bhagavatam” first canto. He really liked the philosophy and when he saw us chanting in the park today he enthusiastically sat down with us to chant for over an hour while playing the shakers. I talked to him at one point about getting some more books and I told him that I want to show him a one of kind set because today is a special day, it’s the birthday of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. We went to the book table and I showed him some paintings of Mahaprabhu and explained how He came to give us the greatest wealth of the spiritual world.

I quoted the verse from Narottama Das Thakur “Golokera Prema dhana Harinam sankirtan” (The transcendental vibration of hari-nama-sankirtana is imported from the spiritual world). He told me that he remembers reading about Chaitanya in one of the books he already has. I asked him to please take the set and he can know everything about Lord Chaitanya and His amazing pastimes. I encouraged him and said that it’s a once in a lifetime investment and he agreed. He told me that he’s on his bike and asked if I could ship the set to his house and I said sure no problem. While he was giving me his address and paying for the set he added some extra money as a donation so I also included a “Sapta” set as an extra gift! Afterwards he sat down in the kirtan again for another half an hour! He promised to visit our ashram for a Sunday feast program.

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