Gujarati Brahmacari Attracts British Catholic to Krsna

Northampton (in the Midlands of England)

I was distributing books in Northampton (in the Midlands of England) and stopped a young man who seemed quite well-natured. He had grown up in a Catholic family, but he introduced himself as a 21-year-old searcher looking deeply into Buddhism. I showed him our new VEDA book and told him that the article on Buddhism and KC may interest him. He had heard of the Vedas and was happy to take it away, along with a couple of other books, and generously gave a £20 donation.

Two weeks later, I decided to stop in Northampton on my way back to the Manor. About midday I bumped into this young man again. He smiled when he saw me and immediately came over to say that he had read all the books. And he'd read VEDA three times. It was exactly what he was looking for.

He was hungry for more knowledge, so I took him over to my trolley, gave him another three books, and took his contact details.

A week later I e-mailed him. He'd read the new books and was interested in taking up the process. I made a trip to Northampton to meet him. We decided to sit down in Costa Coffee and have a chat. I was ready to introduce him to chanting, but he was one step ahead. He explained how he had obtained some beads and was already chanting every day (he found information online). He had photocopied pictures out of the books and had made an altar at home. Now he offers some water and fruits to Krishna every day.

He recently visited the Manor and loved it. Another soul on the journey home, thanks to the potency of Srila Prabhupada's books.

Your Servant

Sutapa Das

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