From Drunkard to Devotee: A transformation through the Bhagavatam

In a serene village far from Pune’s busy city life, Sachi Nandan Bhagawan Prabhu from ISKCON Pune embarked on the mission of spreading the spiritual wisdom of the Srimad Bhagavatam. He brought with him a dedicated group of devotees in a bus, eager to share the profound teachings of Lord Krishna.

The bus trundled through the village called Vita in the Sangli district of Maharashtra, and it came to a halt at a quaint . There was a man, lost in his own world of intoxication.

His bleary eyes fell upon the volumes of the Bhagavatam, and a spark of curiosity ignited within him.

“Excuse me,” he slurred, “how much for these books?”

Sachi Nandana Bhagavan, sensing a genuine interest, explained the books’ significance and quoted a price. To everyone’s surprise, the man fumbled for his wallet and handed over the cash without hesitation.

However, his inebriation made it impossible for him to carry the weighty boxes of volumes. Compassionate devotees stepped forward, offering to transport the treasures to his humble abode.

Arriving at his doorstep, the devotees were met with a storm of disapproval from the man’s family members. They questioned his decision, citing his lifestyle choices and lack of discipline.

“These books are too pure for him,” they argued. “He’ll never read them. Please take them away.”

Undeterred, the devotees returned to their bus, resolved to leave the books. A transformation was already underway.

The next morning, after completing their mangal-aarti, japa, and guru puja, the devotees were about to set off for another village.

The man who had purchased books just then arrived there. His eyes were now clear and determined. He recounted the ordeal he had faced with his family and how their criticism had spurred a change within him.

“I’ve decided to turn my life around,” he declared. “No more liquor, no more smoking. And I’ll dedicate at least two to three hours each day to
reading and absorbing the teachings of Srimad Bhagavatam.”

Touched by his sincerity, the devotees provided him with chanting beads, imparting the sacred practice that would further deepen his connection to Lord Krishna.

As the days passed, the once-drunkard transformed into a devoted seeker of truth. The grace of Srimad Bhagavatam worked its magic and guided him on a path of spiritual awakening.

Word of his remarkable transformation spread throughout the village. This inspired others to take a step toward a more meaningful and purposeful life.

And so, in the hearts of the villagers, the potency of spiritual wisdom unfolded, a testament to the Bhagavatam’s transformative power.

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