Four amazing exchanges

Queen Street, Auckland

I was distributing in Queen st, Auckland praying to the six Goswamis.

Two tall guys passed me and I asked them "guys from Auckland or overseas ?" One of them replied from overseas Buffalo New York. He was a tall black American named Earl. As soon I showed him the books he showed so much enthusiasm to know what they are about. I explained a little bit. Earl said he is currently staying in Bombay (a suburb in Auckland) serving the Buddhist monks, driving, cleaning, washing etc..Very interested in spirituality he took a Science of self Realization and a Searching for Vedic India, gave a donation and left. Earl came back in 45 mins and said He read 40 pages of the Searching for Vedic India, He likes it so much so he wanted my email address and ph number so he can ask me questions in the near future.

I stopped this Girl Debi from Ireland she was also so enthusiastic to see the books. She said she works in a nursing home and seeing everyday how much suffering there is in this world she decided to do some meditation and find relief. So she went online and search for meditation she didn't find anything impressive. I told her that Srila Prabhupada's books are like the PHD of meditation, she liked it so much. she said she has received some books as a teenager from the Hare Krishna's in Ireland but never read them but she said she is ready for them now. She said I don't like Buddhist teachings because they are too negative but you Hare Krishna's are so positive and so happy faced always. She gave a donation took a invite to The Loft and went happily.

Met this boy (may be he is 17 or 18 yrs old) Shane. He has bought the 1.1 of Srimad Bhagavtam in the past and he has been looking for our center in Auckland. I gave him an invite to our Loft. He also asked me few intelligent questions like if he gave me a nice car will I reject it bcoz its material etc… after I answered them he promised me he will come and buy the full set of Srimad Bhagavatam very soon. Haribol !

Finally this Samoan girl came to me and asked me if I remembered her? I said vaguely. Then she reminded me that she got a book from me last year and her boy friend is from india, She has read the Gita that she got from me and wanted to know our center address. She promised to come for Janmastami with her boy friend. How much nectar there is on book distribution. tooo much nectar.

Your Humble Servant

Shastra Krit Das

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