Dear Vijay Prabhu!PAMHO.

I just came from Finland where I was visiting Tattvadava Prabhu (the president), and the sankirtan devotees. The geographical isolation of Finland forces the local devotees to depend on Srila Prabhupada with whatever devotion they can offer. By nature the Finish people are known to be very tough. The climate, the isolation and also their genetic background makes them ideal survivors under any conditions.

As this nature is dovetailed with Krsna, they are able to manifest incredible steadiness and determination. The whole Yatra resembles one single sankirtan van. Tattvadava Prabhu sometimes travels with the devotees town to town, distributing many books and simultaneously organizing regular preaching programs for the public. In the country side people are very simple and appreciative towards devotees.

Any time I go to Finland it strikes me that its one of the rare places where one can meet the same devotees doing the same service for many many years. Usually everything is on the move in this move-ment. But regarding their steadiness these exceptional devotees have the nature of the finish rocks. They don't move even if Maya tries to brake them down.

So I just wanted to say: All glories to the finish devotees and their preaching spirit!

Your Servant

Manidhara Das

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