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We used to put the stall everyday outside Koperkhairane railway station during Book Marathon. One day a young man came to our stall and commented ‘You people have commercialized religion and dharma’ and started walking away. I immediately stopped him and said we are bringing the message of god to his children and not commercializing the holy book. He further questioned that how much money I was making out of this business. I politely showed my ID card and told him that we are not doing this for business rather doing this as seva to please the lord.

In the meanwhile I dropped my card on the floor and the man tried to pick it up and I intervened saying I would pick it up myself and don’t need his help. He felt a little ashamed and said ‘Sir, even I am a Hindu, and I certainly know how to treat other hindu ’ to which I politely replied that it is every Hindu’s responsibility to buy, read and distribute Bhagavad Gita. He got convinced and purchased English Gita. Chetan pr was on abook table at Ghansoli station. A young student curiously approached the stall. Chetan preached him in youth style , by which   he thought he will understand .

However he did not take …. Then chetan pr mentioned that Bharat is the Land of dharma.. you should have the pure message…. The student not interested then walked away. After sometime he came back and said he wanted to buy Gita. Every muslim and Christian honors his own book.. I am born in india and am a hindu… I should honor my book . I will have my own copy of Gita. Bhakta Damodar , Diva congregation. In this book marathon few devotees decided to do book distribution one to one.

Chetan Prakash , Talvan bace

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