Do not be judgemental

Often book distributors feel that they can judge who will take a book and who will not.

Sometimes a truly seasoned book distributor may develop a sixth sense of sorts, but often our intuitions are plain prejudices and not indications from the Supersoul. The best method is to approach everyone with a book.

Govind Kunda Prabhu, from Belgaum, recalls his experiences:

I distribute books in long-distance trains. During the December marathon we would distribute for many hours in a day. Once, I entered a new train car wherein a well-dressed young man was smoking. Other people were also there. I showed books to the others.

Noticing the cigarette in the hand of the young man, I thought that he would never be interested, so without showing him I went ahead.

"Hey, wait!" he said. "What do you have?"

"Bhagavad-gita," I said and held it out to him.

"How much?"

I stated the price. Without a second thought he took out the money and handed it to me. Then after washing his hands he accepted the book. The other people who had seemed more religious did not care about the Gita, but this apparently sinful person took it without a hassle.

Another time, I boarded a train and after a few hours reached the station from which I had to take a return train to Belgaum. But on getting down I learned that the return train was seven hours late. By the time it arrived it was 10 p.m.

Onboard, almost all the lights were out, and most passengers were asleep. All except perhaps one family, which was in the last compartment. I went there and sat at the edge of a seat, and to my horror I found that they were eating fish. The smell was nauseating.

But I had no choice; I could not roam about in the dark passage with my heavy book bag. Moreover, the train was very crowded.

One person was apparently not a member of the family and therefore was not eating with them. I showed him the books. But finding him disinterested, I closed my book bag and began chanting.

Shortly the family finished the dinner. After cleaning up, they sat back in leisure.

"What are you carrying?" one man asked me.


I smiled; but I did not show him the books.

"Can I see one?"

I had no choice but to give him the book. He opened it and everyone crowded near him and began to look.

"Do you have something else?"

I gave a him Krishna book.

"I will take one," said one.

"Me too," said another.

"I will take Krishna book," said another and gave me the money.

Finally, that group which I had dismissed as demoniac ended up taking two Bhagavad-gitas and a Krishna book.

I learnt that one should not judge anyone by external activities. Even sincere souls may be trapped by sinful activities because of a lack of proper guidance and ideals in life. It is up to us to reawaken their dormant connection with Lord Krishna. We have to be enthusiastic and non-judgemental.

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