Discovering a connection

A few months ago I was in Leeds City Centre, North England. I stopped a serious looking man from Nigeria and was trying my best to break the ice. All my jokes were failing, all my questions brought an abrupt “no”, and he seemed to have practically no inclination toward spirituality.

Then I noticed something amazing: a Nrsingha kavaca around his neck!

I pointed at it and asked what it was – he didn’t have an answer. Then I showed him the kavaca around my neck. He immediately became enlivened.

“You’re my brother!” he said.

Now we were connected. He explained that he had picked it up in a Nigerian market, with no idea what it was.

I asked him why he wears it.

His answer was amazing: “When I wear this I feel safe.”

I proceeded to tell him what the kavaca is, why it’s powerful, and where all this knowledge comes from. He happily took the books, treasuring the kavaca around his neck with greater understanding and appreciation.

Your servant,
Sutapa dasa

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