Determinaiton to get the mercy

I was with Zoe one Monday morning outside Lower Hutt Mall in Wellington. It was such a cold day that Zoe told me she could no longer feel her toes. It being a cold morning, I could have easily anticipated it would be a
hard day to distribute books, but sankirtan doesn’t work that way. Krishna’s plan is bigger and better than the weather and day of the week.

A couple of hours after being at the mall, I met Mohini, a Fijian-Indian lady in her late fifties. We have been meeting on the streets for years, and no doubt many others have also met her. Just last year I had sold her a
“Hiding in Unnatural Happiness” inside the mall. As we talked she revealed her fears around the pandemic. On top of that she has been diagnosed with cancer and going through treatments to remove it.

She explained to me she loves Krishna and has read the Gita many times and tries to keep extra copies on hand to give to other interested people. She asked which books I had, and she had all of the ones I showed her. Then I asked her if she had a Srimad Bhagavatam set. She was aware of it, but
didn’t own it. She asked about the price, the size of the books, and why it would be beneficial for her to have a set of books. I was happily surprised that she decided on the spot to get the set and gave me a $100 note as a deposit right away.

Two weeks later I met her and gave her the full set. Her Kiwi husband didn’t appear to be very favourable toward the sale, but she was determined to get the mercy. She has since written to me several times with appreciation for receiving the books.

Your servant,
Gokula lila dd

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