Catholic Man Inspired by sloka

Bhagavad Gita

This incident took place at Mansarovar Station.

After coming from office, I was distributing books at the Mansarovar Station. Already half an hour passed but not a single book was distributed. So I feel little morose but also simultaneously felt hope that somebody will come & take. Suddenlyone Man approached me and asked “ Are you distributing free” I said, “ No”

Following conversion happened between us:

Man – what the price then ?

I – In which language you want sir,

Man – English 

I – its only Rs.130 (printing cost not a single rupee profit)

Man – well what exactly this book is about

I – this book is telling the purpose of human life, it’s telling why bad things happen to good people & vice versa.

just like our body require food to maintain similarly soul requires eternal knowledge. Human life is not only for eating, mating, sleeping & defending rather it is for to understand relation with God & relations with other living entities. Otherwise there will not be any difference between us & animal. This book is manual for all human beings.

Man – then why not you are distributing it free of cost

I – sir, we are spending money buy so many useless cheap things which is most of the time not at all required , then why we  should ask this essential knowledge (which is giving ultimate purpose of human life) free of cost.

Man – ok. But I am Christian. I can’t buy it sorry.

I – sir, this book is not about Hindu, Muslim, Christian or other religion but it’s about all human being (I already said earlier) “ those who are human being they must have this book”. Are you human being?

Man – it’s true but…

I – Lord Krishna said in Gita “ Sarvdharman parityajya mamekam sharanam………” don’t waste this rare human life by running behind temporary things but use this life to reunite our relationship with GOD without leaving our current responsibilities. The Man removed money from his pocket & took Gita.  & only sentence he said is “I will definitely read this book”.

Mahesh Hande Prabhu, Belapur

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