Book distribution on the front line, in Ukraine

One of those days on sankirtana:
Today is a cleansing day, there were few people on the street, cloudy weather, then the alarm started, then I heard some bombing, it turned out that some rocket was shot down. But still, Krishna sent interesting people:

One woman said, “This is what I have been looking for for all my life, I have long lacked spirituality in my life. I really want to come to the temple. There are many problems in the world due to the fact that there is little spiritual knowledge. It will be enlightening to read the books I’ve received from you.”

And the last guy I approached I prayed to Krishna, “Please let him take the last books.”

 I go up to him, he is a programmer who likes to read books and gave a good donation and took two books, it was so easy by the grace of Krishna.
Your servant, Ekantita Buddhi dasa

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