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narrates his Interesting and inspiring experiences Vidya mandir korade, nagpur We visited an unknown school having only 6 classrooms (11th and12th std)and astaff of 12 teachers in total 1 in morning and evening shift each. I and our team leader (Niranjan prabhu) gave a short demo of the books to the principal and senior staff present in the cabin. The response was lukewarm‐ could distribute only 4 copies, but one of the teachers (phd economics) got inspired and suggested that we do class to class distribution. we were not much hopeful given the poor financial capacity in the small town like koradi . Immature students and logistics of such a effort when many opportunities were still untapped, still the enthusiasm of the person was so overwhelming that we decided to give it a try.

As expected only a couple of students had money at hand and willing to take advantage of receiving Bhagavad Gita in the first class we gave demo ,though a few were willing to take but had no money which is quite expected in rural schools. Also we were not going to come back to receive money from them the next day . But then the things changed drastically when the teacher of his own accord pulled out a 500rs note from his wallet and announced that he will pay for anyone who was interested and not brought the money at present .he took the responsibility of collecting the money at a later date on himself . But this was just the begining he accompanied us to each class introduced us in the most lavish manner and paid for the willing students, thus what was expected to be a flop show turned out to be great success as we ended up doing 30 maha big books! in classes itself in addition to favourable response induced by this teacher in the evening staff which got us a score of another 10 ! 19 All glories to such a great person we could repay him by saying thank You and clicking a photo, but last but not the least let us give him our well wishes by 3times loudly chanting hari bol !hari bol !hari bol!

Sridhar prabhu of Brahmachari Trainee (BT) 

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