Book distribution at the Paris harinam

At the end of the harinama on October 23 in Paris, we were doing the last kirtan. An old French couple came toward me (or maybe I put myself in front of them). They happily looked at us chanting, and I tried to share with them Srila Prabhupada’s books.

I told them their eyes looked young while looking at the harinama.

“It’s nice and gives us enthusiasm for what you’re doing here” they said.
Then, they jokingly added, “You know, we’ve been married sixty years, and now we’re closer to death!”

I asked them whether they knew what would go on after death. And the man didn’t know what to say. We talked about reincarnation. Then I went to the trolley to pick up “Life Comes from Life.” I found it and then saw the First Canto nicely packed with a blue ribbon. I had to take it, too.

I came back to them, and they positively took “Life Comes from Life,” and we continued to talk, surrounded by the holy names of the Lord. At the moment that they prepared their donation, I also offered them the First Canto. They took both and gave a very good donation.

Because the man was wondering what determines one’s next life, we read a famous verse of the Gita (8.6). I felt that he was relieved to get this answer. Bhagavad-Gita was new to him, so I gave it to him in addition to the other books. The man felt moved when we parted, and so we hugged each other.

I thank Srila Prabhupada for showering his causeless mercy by giving them an opportunity to be in touch with Lord Caitanya’s movement near the edge of death. And for letting me be an instrument in that. Thanks also to the devotees who held harinama till the very end.

Your servant,
Jiva Prana Dasa

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