Bhagavad Gita Sold in the Train

Book Distribution in Train

Yesterday boys distributed 108 books on Jnaneshwari Express to all passengers on our journey from Mumbai to Mayapur.

Chaitanya Lila Das: Some stories: One drunkard initially was criticizing our devotees. But tolerantly students kept preaching about books to passengers. Impressed by the young boys, Many started buying books.

A drunkard was surprised and shocked to see all around people purchasing the books. So just to impress all of them, he also ended up taking one Bhagavad Gita & one krsna book. One person confused, but saw a couple in front purchasing, so also took 6 to gift to his friends. 2 books to store keeper in pantry who had a lot of time for reading. Pantry head also bought one. One person told us ‐ for last 32yrs I am travelling in this train but first time saw such nice kirtan, bookdistribution by all of you. He called the tea vendor to feed all of us but was 17 disappointed when he came to know we don't drink tea. He then purchased a Bhagavad Gita and took addresses of Raipur & Kolkata temple.

One of our boys trying to convincea person sleeping on lower berth. He was arguing and by this noise middle berth person got up to see what's going on. Just then this devotee showed him the Gita. Taken a back seeing the Lord's photo before him, he was mesmerised and bought the book. Seeing him, now the lower berth person also bought.

Avtar Lila Prabhu ,Chaitanya Lila Prabhu (brahmacharis) and their students doing book distribution in train

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