Bhagavad Gita Gifted to a Christian Preachers

Bhagavad Gita Gifted to a Christian Preacher

One week back Anand Ram Prabhu and me were distrubuting books in train. When we got down at Nerul Station, one police man caught us and took us aside. "Attack is best form of defense" ‐ A good strategy to apply. I immediately preached him asking him to take one Bhagavad Gita. Policemen said "you are selling in train …show me your permission". I told him ….sir we are not selling but we are preaching the essential knowledge for the humanity and who ever reads this, he will be productive citizen to the society. Policeman said "Rs 1200 fine you have to pay". Then i humbly told him him how we are not vendors but coming from office and keeping our personal work aside for this entire month, many of us with our wives and children we distrubute the most confidential knowledge Bhagavad Gita in December month. I told him Iskcon kharghar has already taken permission to put stall in stations of entire Navi Mumbai area. Police: But permission is only for putting on Railway station. You can't do it inside the train. Me: sir, we don't know that. Kindly tell and guide us how we can get a permission inside the train then ! Police Remained silent. (contemplating his answer….)

Anand Ram Prabhu: "where do you stay sir ?"
Police: i stay in vashi.
Me:‐ sir, please take this list of program happening in your area . Youth program, small children program and family group program . You please come to our vashi satsang program. You will have peaceful family life and cultured children.
Police: Actually you are doing very good work to the society. That's why I will not do any thing. I have already your Bhagavad Gita. I will also read it from today and do attend your programs.
Me: Thank you sir. Hare krisnna!!!

(And we continue our Book Distribution) One of great experience in my life was when I distributed Bhagwad Gita in train to one of Muslim Imams. He asked for gita in Urdu edition and he promise me that he will read and same day in next train I met one of Christian preachers. He was fully drunk. I announced in the 22 train compartment "This book will change all of our life ."So He asked me,“is it really so”. I replied yes of course. He asked me to give it free of cost. Thinking of how it will benefit him, I happily gifted him the Gita (As Christians gift Bible free) and he also promised me that he will definitely read .

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