Become less efficient

Become less efficient

While visiting the Miami Temple an old friend came up to me while I was in the temple room. His name is Patita Pavana das, a retired doctor.

We've known each other for about twenty-five years so he knows I have some affection for book distribution. He asked me how book distribution is going around the world, I mentioned it was increasing.

Then he went on to tell me an experience he had. When he was a doctor he had a waiting room where people would wait to see him. In the waiting room he kept some Bhagavad Gita's and other books his patients could read while waiting to see him. He said some would steal them, he didn't mind, although it would be better if they would ask.

There was one man waiting to see him, while he was waiting he picked up the Bhagavad Gita and started reading it. He was really appreciating it and becoming more and more absorbed in it's contents. Then Patita Pavana called him to his office. When the man came to his room the man said to him, "You should become less efficient".

"People usually don't ask that of me, why do you say that?"

Then the man said, "When you saw that I was showing so much interest in the Bhagavad Gita you should have let me continue reading and taken another patient".

Patita Pavana laughed and agreed. He then let the man have the book as a gift.

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