As a book distributor surrenders, Krishna may reciprocate accordingly

Bhagavad Gita As it is

Every Sunday, we do harinama at the same market place in Minsk, Belarus, for two hours. Usually, I distribute books while it's going on. Recently, when the harinama was already approaching the end, in my bag were left six books: three big and three small, all with the same title. I started intensely praying to distribute all the books, but I was so unsuccessful that couldn't distribute even one. Finally, the whole harinama party came to our bus to leave, and I looked around in the hope of seeing someone who could take at least one more book.

I saw a car with a husband and wife inside. With a big smile, I approached them and showed the Journey of Self Discovery. The wife became interested, but she still didn't have the desire to buy the book.

Then within myself I approached Krishna and asked, “Why should I take These books back to the temple? Instead, I want to give them to people.”

At the exact same moment, she asked me how much for the book.

I told her the cost of book, and when she was ready to give me a donation, I asked her, “Why are you taking only one? You can take all the rest of my books? Six of them!

She responded, “But they are all the same title – what is the use?”

“You can give them your friends and relatives,” I replied.

She seemed confused, but suddenly, with a smile on her face, said, “Give me all your books. Something inside me is advising me buy these books.”

And she gave me an appropriate donation for six books. It was an amazing experience of how Krishna can fulfill a desire to encourage his devotee.

Your servant,
Vaninath Vasu Dasa

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