An angered student finds a solution


He saw my sign: Meditation, Yoga and Philosophy, then, from a distance he shouted:

“THIS IS WHAT I NEED! THIS IS WHAT I NEED! ANGER IS EATING ME UP.” Then he came to the book table looking for help.

I told him, “The reason you feel so much anger is because you’re thinking you’re something you aren’t. This body – I pointed to his body – is not who you are. You’re the soul within.”

Then I showed him the nice painting of the saintly person seeing the soul in the brahmana, the cow, the elephant, the dog, and the dog-eater.

I said, “When you understand you’re the soul, different from the body, you’ll not only be friendly to people but kind to all living entities. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

He said, “That would be great. And this book teaches me how to be like that?”

I responded, “Yes, it does.”

He gave a nice donation, and I invited him to visit a devotee’s home that has been turned into a bhakti center, where newcomers can hear about Krsna.

This took place at a university in Dallas Texas. The students in Dallas are the most receptive students I’ve found anywhere, I’m going to miss this place.

Leaving soon to Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles, Australia, India, South America etc.

Your servant,
Vijaya Dasa

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