Airport Book Distribution in South Africa

Airport Book Distribution in South Africa

Hare Krsna Prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

While distributing books at the Durban international airport, I approached a gentleman and introduced myself to him. He was on his way to the checkout counter to catch his flight which was about to leave. However, not being like the usual passenger, which most of the time are in a mode of passion, I asked him how he got to be so patient and thanked him for stopping to talk to me. I showed him a selection of books as he began to look at them with great interest. He took two books and gave me a nice donation. I thanked him for being so patient and tolerant – as I shook his hand, I said to him: "Just imagine if everyone could be like us, we would have a far more peaceful planet. In this fast-paced world of material existence, our lives have become impersonal. We need to reach out to one another – thank you for sharing a part of your life with me. I gave him a hug and said: "Oh, by the way, have a happy Christmas, a happy 2009 and have a happy birthday. Thank you for blessing me with your kindness.

As I continued walking, ahead of me was a man standing next to his cart – I noticed he smiled at me as though he knew me. I waved to him and began briskly walking towards him. As I approached him, we both froze for a second as we looked at each other. I shook his hand and introduced myself to him and put my hand on his shoulder and told him that I was convinced that we both knew each other from some other previous life time. He said, "Oh, most I am certain of that." I told him that it was sure good to see him again after many life times. By the mercy of Guru and Gauranga, he took three books – I asked him if he would like to give a donation, his reply was: "For you my friend, anything, its pleasure." I thanked him for blessing me, as he said to me: "I was looking at you talking to that man; it looked so nice, you both looked so happy. I could not help thinking to myself, that whatever it was that you and that man were talking about, it must have been very interesting." I thanked him for blessing me, and that I was looking forward to meeting him again.

Your Servant,

Madhumangala Das

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