A True Goldsmith Knows the Value of Gold


As I was distributing books, one man approached me and took the Bhagavad Gita in hand to introspect. He was interested in buying, He asked me what was the rate. I quoted him 100 rs. He again saw the Gita, examined it and expressed his surprise 100 rs. I said yes sir, it’s Printing cost. He said it’s impossible. 
He told me that he was himself a printer and that such a big book would cost no less than 150 rs even by printing cost. I then happily told him of how ISKCON makes people avail of this book at Discount price in December. He was happy to hear this and paid us not 100 RS but 150 RS. He said I am printer and that I want to atleast give you its external worth.
Yasodakumar prabhu, Malad

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