A Stroke of Good Fortune

A Stroke of Good Fortune

A few years ago my wife Krsna Rupa and I met an Indian gentleman named Gyan who was interested in the Srimad bhagavatam set. We went to his house to show him the books, did kirtan and gave him some prasadam. He ended up getting $1600 worth of books; the S.B set, Caitanya Caritamrta, Lilamrta, Hari Sauris books etc.

We would go and visit occasionally, do a program and he would gradually pay for the books. But one day I lost his phone number. So we drove around to his house only to find it vacated. I had no forwarding address so I thought I would never see him again. He still owed $1000 on the books!

About 2 years later I suddenly got a phone call. The voice sounded weak and eventually he told me his name was Gyan. He said some time ago he had a debilitating stroke which took a long time to recover from as he was an elderly man. He said he felt really bad that he had not paid for the books and had not got in touch. He felt the stroke was some sort of karma for his negligence. I assured him it was OK and he invited us around to do more programs and has now paid for the books. He seems to be alot more serious about Krsna consciousness since the stroke and he really gets absorbed when we do kirtan and speak about Krsna consciousness.

Rupa Raghunatha Dasa

Sydney Australia

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