A slow start, a shocking disturbance, and a big day

I was distributing at Balboa Park in San Diego. Well, I should say I was trying. It was tough: one book in the first hour. I decided to move to another spot, because sometimes a change in place and atmosphere brings about a positive result.

After about fifteen minutes a madman came into my new sacrificial arena. He was going all around the area trying to fight people: throwing chairs, shouting, threatening. He came to my table and started banging on it, knocking it down.

Then Krsna sent a big gentleman to stop him from harassing me, and he did a good job. The madman left, and my bodyguard left. Then the madman came back and grabbed an SSR off my table while shouting at me. Next he threw his phone at me, missing my face by inches. Then he went off harassing other people in the area.

Soon he got wind that someone had called the police. So he went and sat down at a table. He still had the book. But he couldn’t control himself, so he continued harassing others. The police took him to jail. And he left the book on the table so I went over and picked it up.

By then I was thinking that this was going to be one of my smallest days in a marathon ever. Two hours and practically no books distributed! But I kept praying for some devotion to Krsna and compassion for the conditioned souls.

Then people started taking books like anything. Many nice people were coming to the table.

Two people stood out. They were from South Africa. I’ve been to South Africa many times, so I told them of all the places I’d been. I showed them the Gita and asked for a donation.

They weren’t interested in getting any books. So I said, “Well, would you like to give a donation anyway?” One said, “Okay, today is your lucky day,” and he gave me a hundred dollars.

Then I said, “Now that you have given me something, please take something from me, a small book.” He took one. A paperback SSR.

This is very important for book distributors to know. Always ask for a donation, even if people don’t want a book. Quite often they give, and then most of the time they take a book.

Remember how bold Srila Prabhupada was. He would ask owners of buildings to give their buildings as a donation. He asked for the Detroit temple, for example. Of course, the owner didn’t give it, but Srila Prabhupada did ask.

It turned out to be a great day by the mercy of Krsna. Book distribution is a real transcendental adventure.

Your servant, Vijaya Dasa

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