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ISKCON Book Distributions

I saw a girl sitting on the grass and studying and was going to approach her, but for some reason I talked to some other people instead. Yet I felt that Krishna really wanted me to offer her a book. The people I talked to took books, which ended up being the last books I had in my bag. However, later that day when I had more books I saw her again, and she waved at me to come and talk to her. I proceeded to say hello and offer her some books and she joyfully introduced herself and took them in her hands with great joy. She exclaimed that she was wondering when I would come and offer her some books for she had seen me earlier and had realized that I was distributing spiritual literature and was interested in talking to me and getting the books. She ended up being really interested in the books and culture. She was from Wheeling Virginia and had visited the Palace of Gold once before, but didn’t have any idea that there was a temple there also. She said she had received some books before at the Warped Tour and really loved them and she was very happy to receive more. She had been studying religion and philosophy for a few years and was particularly interested in this Eastern culture and philosophy. She said that she wanted to leave a donation but didn’t have cash, but had noticed earlier that I had a card reader. She was so impressed with that machine and was really happy that I had it so that she could donate. She left a very nice donation and just exclaimed that she really wanted to learn more and be educated in Krishna consciousness. This girl was very simple and pure-hearted. I really think that she was very sincere and had a very clean and pure heart. So I preached to her for a good hour at least and encouraged her to go to the temple to meet the devotees and express her sincere interest in Krishna consciousness.

I also wanted to share something nice. Our service is to travel and distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books all over the USA, and we mainly target universities. Every day we plan to have a class. Every person we meet we tell them about our class and let them know that we are teaching mantra meditation and having a philosophy discourse. We start off with lots of kirtan and then we speak the philosophy, have a japa session, take questions and comments and end with more kirtan and either fresh halava or some other nice sweet. The students are very receptive. Some of them really chant sincerely with their heart and love the philosophy and especially the prasada. We follow up by collecting all the interested students' e-mails and keep in contact with them throughout the year. There are so many interested and willing recipients there who really need and want Krishna consciousness. So I humbly beg all who read this to please go out and give sankirtan a try.

Your very low and menial servant,
Baladeva dasa

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