A Rich Lady Bargening……

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Usually we put our stalls at Andheri, Jogehwari, vile parle stations, market places and nearby temples. One day our stall was at Andheri station bridge and response was good that day. It was a afternoon, one young lady happen to come to our stall. Looking lavishly rich, was in business attire, she asked for 1 english copy of Bhagava Gita. Devotee at stall showed her the copy and started explaining about the Bhagavad Gita.

After looking back n front of the gita, she asked, 'what is the price'. Devotee said its Rs.100 only on discount. She said,"Ohh, Can you give me in 60 rupees'. Seeing his reply, devotee felt surprised and then felt pitty on her. One jolly devotee on the stall laughed and said,"Mam, when you go to Mac Donald and order for pizza worth 100 rupees, have you ever bargain it in 60 rupees". Completely in humble voice she replied "No..". Devotee said then why you asked book like Bhagavad Gita in 60 rupees. She was happy with the answer. In complete agreement with what devotee said she nodded the head, said sorry….took out 100 rupees without delay…with smile on her face took the Bhagavad Gita and left This Small story of how Krishna inspires his devotees to speak is really amazing.

Pravin wakle Prabhu, Bahulavan Bace, Andheri

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