A mystically arranged meeting at a mall

On 25 January 2023, I was on book distribution in the basement parking area of a West Auckland mall. Books were going out slowly, and I noticed it was not as productive as the previous day at the same spot. As time went on, I was praying to Krishna, “Please send someone who can take books.”

Around 5 p.m. I was about to finish, but I thought I should stay a bit longer. A few minutes later, a white van stopped some distance from where I was standing, and the driver got out. As soon as I saw him, I instantly
heard a voice within me saying, “This guy needs the books.” So I waved at him, and he approached me. And we started to talk.

He was a real friendly and innocent guy, named Brendon. After a few minutes I showed him the Bhagavad Gita, and he said, “Oh, I have this. It’s really a nice book.” He read it on his own. He said that he liked the Gita’s message but finds it quite hard to practice. So I shared the Loft address with him. He said that he’s been to the loft with his family and liked it.

I then presented the Krishna book, explaining that it’s all about the life of Krishna, Arjuna’s friend and guru in the Gita. He was interested and said it would be nice to know about Krishna. He gave a generous donation for it.

So it seemed like it should have been over at this point, but surprisingly it wasn’t. When Brendon was about to leave, I heard another voice within me say, “Now he needs something special.” I got the point and I asked him whether I could show him some special books. Surprisingly, he said sure.

We walked some distance to my car, and in the boot I showed him the Srimad Bhagavatam. As I explained a bit about each canto, he listened carefully. I handed him the First Canto.

When he touched it, he said, “Oh man, these books look so potent. How can I get them? What is the process?” I told him the price and offered him the option of paying in installments. He gave me the first instalment and said he would paid the rest weekly.

After that, I realized that I didn’t have a sealed Bhagvatam set in my car. So I asked him whether I could bring him a new sealed set tomorrow. He was happy and smiling.

He said, “Actually, the way this happened today is quite mystical. After finishing work, I was going home. On the way I thought that I should get some flowers for my wife, but I was not sure where to buy them. So when I was driving past this mall, I quickly turned my steering wheel toward this car park. It’s the first time I’ve ever come here, even though I live close. It looks like a divine arrangement that we met today, and I can get these beautiful books.”

The next day I took the new set with me and sent him a text when I arrived. Within five minutes he arrived and said he’s excited get the books. We shifted the set to his van and then exchanged contacts.

As soon as he got home, he found a table for a bookstand, put his set on display, and sent me a picture of it.

Thank you so much, all of you devotees. This is all possible only by the mercy of guru and Gauranga.

Your insignificant servant,
Yashodara Dasa

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