A letter to the artist

This is an amazing letter to the BBT artist. The artists were in anxiety because Srila Prabhupada wanted a lot of paintings to go in his books, fast.
As I was reading it, I thought, “This can apply to book distributors as well.” Just make a slight adjustment in your mind as you read this letter: When you see “artist,” think “book distributor,” and it fits perfectly.

“I understand that you feel helpless and totally inadequate, and you are in great anxiety that you cannot do this. Yet that is exactly the mood that I want you to be chanting with. I want you to be in so much anxiety, so anxious, in so much desperation that when you call out to Krishna it is from the core of your heart. It should be the greatest desperation that anyone has ever felt in life. That is how I want you to chant Hare Krishna while your hand is moving, and if you do that day after day, crying to Krishna for help, every single day then you will learn how to be an artist, that is all the training you need.”

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