A law student with a japa bag — already close to Krsna

I saw this law student in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a japa bag around her neck, and I asked her how long she’d been meditating. She responded that it has been a few years, and I then showed her the Gita.

When she said she already has two other versions, I aroused her interest in our Gita by showing the pictures and the verse where Krishna says that He is the chanting of the holy names. I put all the books in her hands, asking for a donation to cover the cost of printing. She left a generous amount and kept them all.

Some great sankirtana leaders emphasize to distributors the importance of always being mindful of the “ripe fruits,” i.e., the people who are already close to understanding and adopting the service to Krishna.

Picture attached.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Your servant, Bhakta Fabio

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