A Higher Taste

At the airport, one of the supervisors was famous for his anger. Somehow one day he stopped to ask about a vegetarian cookbook. He didn't want to hear about anything else — especially chanting. He just wanted to lose some weight by eating a vegetarian diet for awhile. He loved his meat and had to have it — five hamburgers at a time — but just for a short time, to lose weight, he wanted to eat only a vegetarian diet. So I gave him "The Higher Taste." I also gave him some prasadam, which he loved.

The next time I saw him he told me that over the last week he had lost ten pounds and that he was having some "strange experiences." He had seen a deer on the road, but instead of thinking of shooting it (his usual response), he started driving real slow so as not to scare it or hit it. He said he was seeing it as a living entity. His consciousness, he told me, was changing. His perspectives were different from before. He was shocked. "How is this possible!?" he thought.

He was really surprised when, after two weeks, the very idea of ever eating meat again repulsed him. He was seeing everything very differently. While we were talking, other airport supervisors would come by to talk to him, they expressed shock that we had "gotten" him. By this time he was preaching to them how his whole consciousness was changing, how his whole outlook on life was opening up.

After he had passed three weeks of eating only a vegetarian diet, his wife brought him home a hamburger — but he didn't want it at all. As he stared at it, though, he thought he better not waste it. So he ate it — and got sick as a dog. All night he was throwing up and had diarrhea. Then he knew: that was it, no more meat.

So now he's still coming along, getting a lot into spiritual philosophy and even chanting Hare Krsna a little bit. He even stops other karmis in the airport and preaches to them to get a book. What a change! Prasadam ki jaya! "The Higher Taste" ki jaya!

Your Servant,

Tulasi Devi Dasi

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