A friend inspires his friends to take books

We were in Palmerston North, New Zealand, for the first weekend of the marathon. After distributing books all day across from a plaza, it was becoming quiet, so I decided to walk to another spot. On the way I saw four guys huddled around a car, talking and laughing. I felt a bit intimidated, because I don’t usually stop groups. I just walked past them and went on distributing books at the new spot.

About twenty minutes later I walked back past them again, and then I heard someone running toward me from behind, asking, “Hey bro, is this the Krishna consciousness stuff?” I immediately recognized the guy from the last “nectar story” I read, and I said, “Oh, you’re the guy that Kunja met.”

He said, “Yeah, I’ve been wanting to get more books.” He called his friends over and told them about the books he already had. They were all showing interest, so I gave them two Gitas, and they gave me money.

Then I took them over to the van and gave the bro a Krishna book and other small books, and then the other guys wanted some small books, too, and they gave more donations. We talked about the philosophy a bit, and they asked nice questions about meditation and chanting. They took mantra cards and said they will try to make a trip to Wellington to visit the Bhakti Lounge.

Srila Prabhupada, ki jaya!

Bhakta Jack

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