A Drunkard Inspired by Another Drunkard


During this book marathon I used to put stall at koperkharne station. Here I want to share one of my surprising experience. One evening one drunkard came to our stall and picked up one copy and told to me that this is incomplete bhagavat gita. I asked him how he came to know that!! He told” watching the first page only I understood that this is not complete”!!. Instead of arguing I was trying to avoid him & looking for someone else interested to take one copy. But the person was still at our stall arguing with me.Then suddenly another drunkard came to our stall and told to that first person ”you can not take bhavabat gita ,you are not Hindu!!!!!!!”. The person felt ashamed and told “No, I am Hindu!”

the second person then asked him”if you are Hindu then take one copy”, and the first person suddenly took one copy. Then I intelligently showed him Krishna book also and the person told again to the drunkard”if you are Hindu take this book also!” and to my surprise he immediately bought that book also!!!!!!. Then the first drunkard told to the second drunkard “what about you!! You also take one copy”, and the 2nd drunkard also took another bhagavat gita. Then they both shook their hand and putting hand on one another’s shoulder they proceeded for their destination!!! Srila prabupada transcidental book marathon ki jay!!!!!!!!!!

Chetan Prakash , Talvan bace.

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