25 years later…

A nice family I met a few months back bought japa beads from me, and I
didn’t think much of it. We didn’t talk much. But today Manish reminded me
that we’d met a few months back and and said that now he and his family are
chanting two rounds daily.

I asked him where he first met the devotees and how he developed interest in

He told me that 25 years ago the Chowpatty devotees would visit his medical
school in Mumbai, and Manish used to eat prasad and casually attend the Gita
talks by Gauranga Prabhu and others.

Now 25 years later, that seed has fructified, and this wonderful doctor and
his family are chanting Hare Krishna on beads daily. He saw the First Canto
of the Srimad Bhagavatam on my book table and asked whether it was the
complete Bhagavatam.

I told him that the full set comes in 18 volumes. He asked to see the set
out of curiousity. When I showed it to him, he was interested,
but his family wanted him to take only one book. I explained to him that
it’s a set and I can’t give him just one book.

I requested him to take the full set, keeping in mind how his beautiful
daughters and their children will grow up seeing, touching, and reading at
least some of the Bhagavtam and that it’s his duty to give them this
opportunity; so it’s the greatest investment.

He heard me out and agreed saying, “I should honor Srila Prabhupada by
taking home and reading these beautiful books. It’s the least I can do for
Srila Prabhupada who worked tirelessly presenting the Srimad Bhagavatam to
the world.”

Being a doctor, he gave a generous donation for the set. Picture attached.

–ys, Sastrakrit Dasa

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