On the fast track back to Godhead

Harinam sankirtan goes on regularly in Zagreb, Croatia. Because of this,
Krishna is now “the most popular God in town.” I was distributing books
downtown with the harinam, and I observed that the majority of people like
the chanting. Some stop, and some also chant and dance with us.

With harinam, book distribution is easier because you can see who is
favorable and who is not. I approached a nineteen-year-old who was very
favorable and showed him books.

He said, “Yesterday, I already bought one from your friend.”

I asked, “Really? Which book?”

It was Sri Isopanisad. “Today is your lucky day. Now you can take other
books.” I looked at him. He looked back with a question mark on his face.

“Why not? This is your best investment in life.”

He voluntarily surrendered, saying, “I will take all your books.”

The second time, he happily carried with him Bhagavad-gita, Science of Self
Realization, Prabhupada, Teachings of Queen Kunti, Life Comes from Life,
Chant and Be Happy, and Beyond Birth and Death. He also gave me his address.
The more you show, the more you sell!

We are regularly in touch. His realization is: “Hare Krishna is the best
philosophy.” He started reading books and chanting one round every day. He
is progressing very fast.

Leave everyone with a good impression!
Param vijate sri krishna sankirtan.

Hare Krishna!

Your servant,
Lomancita Dasa

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