“Wwwait a minute!” and “Wicked!”

My initial thought when I looked at Kevin Chung was: “He is rushing away after a haircut on a busy street and will never take a book.”

I stopped him anyway.

“Wwwait a minute!” he said. “Are these writings in Sanskrit?”

He started reading the Sanskrit letters and talking about how Vedic civilisation had sonic technology and could predict gene formations.

Blew my mind with his knowledge. Gave a good donation for a couple of big books and got my details for a set. Picture attached.

My daughter and I continued toward Sydney central to set up my “busking” book table. The next guy standing, playing a guitar, finished up shortly. Came up to me, telling me that SSR caught his eye. He read a few pages of SSR and Hiding in Unnatural Happiness. Next thing, he flipped all the coins from his guitar-case collection upside down into my bag and walked away saying, “This stuff is wicked!” Wicked here is a social term meaning “extremely good.”

Your servant,
Radhika Prasad Dasa

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