Why an Isopanisad went out to a young man

Why an Isopanisad went out to a young man

I heard this nice story from Sutapa Prabhu (Bhaktivedanta Manor).


Bhakta Ruben approached four young men and offered them an Isopanisad. They all returned the book except for one of them, who said he'd give a donation.

As he looked in his wallet, Ruben looked on and saw a piece of paper that had the word "Isopanisad" written on it.

Ruben said, "Look at the name on the piece of paper and look at the title of the book.”

The young man said, "Wow! It's the same name."

Ruben asked him, “Why do you have the name of this book in your wallet?"

He responded, “A few weeks ago I was with some friends at a shop in Amsterdam when I saw a monk. I walked over to talk to him, and during our conversation he suggested I read this book. So I asked him to write it down. This is what he wrote, and now you're offering it to me. That's amazing."

He enthusiastically gave a donation in anticipation of reading the book he was looking for.

Bhakta Ruben then said to him, "You see, there is a God."

To which he responded, "Yes, I think you're right."

* * *

My comment: Srila Prabhupada says in a purport that “as one engages in devotional service, one enters into the mysterious region of transcendence." This is especially true about the service of book distribution. Again and again we hear of experiences that aren't just coincidences. Krsna's hand is involved, and it's nice to see Him in this way.

Vijaya Dasa

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