Where is Kesava now?

Today I met a family in Uxbridge. After they received a Gita from me, they said, “Our son Kesava received the same book three months ago from an Italian priest called Raffaele from Watford mandir. Kesava was on a wheelchair. When he came home, he was reading it every day.”

When I asked, “Where is Kesava now?” they replied, “He passed away last month with the Gita on his chest in hospital. He was eighteen years old, suffering from muscular dystrophy.”

They had just returned from India, placing his ashes in the Ganga. I asked, “Do you have a picture of your son?”

They showed me, and I said, “The Italian priest was me.” They burst into tears and hugged me. They were very grateful.

Your Servant,
Visvambhara Dasa

Author: admin

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